Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another soul vanished

I heard someone I knew had passed away. I hadn't gotten to know this person, and had only talked with him in a group, not privately. But he did cross my mind today, before hearing the news. It could be just me, but it does seem news like this are becoming more frequent with a quickening pace, with each passing year. Natural, since the older I get the more people I get to know, and the older we get, well, our bodies haven't evolved to keep themselves alive eternally.

Despite the fact you can never be sure how many heartbeats you have left, humans tend to make plans. Some of my new plans currently include becoming a photographer, and a drummer and/or guitarist. Say, within the next 3-5 years?


At 16 March, 2006 14:02, Anonymous Korpinsilmä said...

As a drummer and a guitarist, my
thumbs are up. :-)

I've noticed exactly the same thing
about death becoming more present
in our social matrix as we get older.
It's of course very logical as you
point out, but it's another cup
of tea to actually experience it.

At 16 March, 2006 18:56, Blogger queerrel said...

Emotionally challenging, as well as physically. Much of our existence is composed of experiencing the world through the senses, physically. It takes some time to realize the physical death of persons, when they still continue to live in our minds.


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