Thursday, March 23, 2006


Different circles of friends and acquaintances can create a situation, where you mostly do certain things with certain people, and where you comfortably slip into a fixed role, switching between them whenever necessary. My happiness has grown exponentially ever since I eased up on clinging to those self-created roles, and began to share a little of all of my identities in different social environments. This reminds me to keep sensitive to others' identities as well, as people usually are more what they seem.

This is not to say that you should be able to do everything, and communicate on every level, with each friend. Nope, as long as there's some common ground for exchange of ideas then that's enough.

Movie week continues: yesterday it was Friends with Money. I quite like Frances McDormand, there's something about her - had that something in Fargo as well. The plot in FwM though, well, can't even remember the plot, but some of the characters moved me.


At 27 March, 2006 10:24, Blogger Kwon said...

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At 27 March, 2006 19:37, Blogger queerrel said...

Fantastic! Thanks, bro.


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