Monday, May 22, 2006

Imperfection is beauty

Physically looking at things from different angles opens new (event) horizons. My city has such beauty when looked at from roof-level.

As have people, who will forever remain slightly imperfect, regardless of their efforts. These marks of imperfection in looks and characters fascinate me to no end.

Finland, 292 points. Sweet!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just cruise

Theme cruises are good fun!

A friend asked what projects regarding self development am I undergoing at the moment. I laughed a little, as it's very true there never seems to be a project-free moment (she's the same). In that rather comatose state of body & mind I thought of two:
1) Cutting down on criticizing a lot (secretly in my mind) - it's only about projecting personal issues to these objects of criticism anyway. Would be more beneficial to face the things that get on the nerves.
2) Coming to terms with permanent unsureness of everything.

And, usually by the time I can communicate thoughts I'm almost done processing them. So new projects ahead then.

Listening to Emmi: One time