Friday, April 21, 2006

The alien within

I'm trying to solve which are worse and which are better: to feel like an alien, to be considered an alien by others, to erroneously be paranoid about being considered an alien, to be paranoid about feeling like an alien. I'm sure it all has to do with egocentricity.

Nothing a lengthy jog or a workout in the gym can't fix.

The ability for verbal communication is a miraculous advantage. Even a small child can convey the most complex of thoughts with the deepest philosophical content to anyone who speaks the language. Not to forget the important things, such as explicitly (and if necessary, loudly) expressing personal likes and dislikes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Neste Oil starts selling 98 octane bio petrol Futura 98 next week (the original date April 10 was postponed). The bio component is ethanol, currently imported to Finland from abroad. Lännen Tehtaat is planning to start ethanol production for bio petrol in Säkylä, integrating it with feed industry. According to this news, the alcohol beverage company Altia is considering the same for their factory in Koskenkorva.

Different bio fuels are listed and rated here in the latest issue of Voima.

Meanwhile, I should do something about the bent spokes of my bicycle and buy a helmet. I've heard of friends (and their heads) saved by the helmet, so I figured I might as well stop risking head injuries.

I'm looking forward to a weekend with family, which includes three darling nieces. Would be nice if there'd be some of planet Earth left for them to live on.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cozy lazy

Saw Peter Ustinov's Romanoff and Juliet (1956) by the Finn-Brit Players. Lively actors (my favorites being those of Evdokia Romanoff and the Archbishop) and the corny message of love and peace - worked.

"Was Karl Marx ever in love?"

The company of truly dear friends visiting far and near topped the comfortably lazy weekend. My thanks! The weekend was exceptional, too, as on Saturday I got to move around in a car and on Sunday watched a film in the tv. Haven't got neither of the gadgets myself; the public transportation around here fortunately being as excellent as it is, and the tv being addictive and mostly full of bs - so I threw mine away some years ago. If I'll ever learn to use it in small doses only, I might consider taking it back. So far, haven't had any particular reason or need to test that.

Der Sandmann is calling.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Step into the time machine

My neighbour's playing Morcheeba. Gotta be happy about their taste.

Recently I made a time travel to my grandparents' home in the countryside. Both ceased to exist in this world long ago. I sank deep, deep into memories, and was able to bring back a lot that was forgotten. Details of the interior, a small mirror on the wall, a basement I didn't remember was there, the steep stairs to the upper floor, secret passageways and dusty closets. The fresh, white and tidy feel in my grandmother's room, the wooden and slightly messy feel in my grandfather's room. Outside fields, bushes, strawberries. A well that still worked. A hole in the ground, big enough to go inside, once used for storing potatoes. Sand roads you could run back and forth, the siblings taking turns in pushing and riding this wooden cart. My strongest memory there is of being happy, as every place and day promised an adventure.

A party I just got to attend, by the way, was excellently transformative, as always!